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Behind any website is a human being, or many, who must be trusted. I understand you, therefore, to want to understand more about the author of these lines.

Let’s start with the basics! My name is Guy Ben-Eliyahu, I’m 38 years old and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I work in the digital world and I created Maltese Luv, as a project of evening and weekend. I do not have a formal pet education. On the other hand, I am a great reader devour encyclopedias and other sites of reference in order to be able to popularize the information. I have also lived most of my life with animals.

Created 6 months ago, this blog aims to provide Internet users with complete and informative information on these little animals. Maltese Luv also operated under the model of an online affiliate web site. All the accessories mentioned in the articles are available on other sites, for example, Amazon.com. If you buy these products by clicking on my links, it is possible that I get a commission on the sale from the merchant.