Do Maltese Get Along with Cats?

When you are passionate about animals, especially Maltese and cats, it is obvious that you will certainly need to work on this so that your favorite animals do not behave like the consecrated expression: Fight like cats and dogs! That is to say, fight constantly!

You should know that Maltese by its strong character and sometimes a bit exclusive with its master can have a little trouble sharing the space with a cat.

The first tips to get along

Of course, the best is to have a Maltese dog with a cat from birth to educate your favorite animals to live together.

When you have this ideal configuration, from 2 weeks of life for your kitten and 3 weeks of life for your Maltese puppy, you can consider socialization that will have a good chance of succeeding.

In any case, it is very important that these two pets know each other and contacts each other before the age of two months.

The reasons for the discord!

If your Maltese or your cat has a jealous nature, it will take hard work to eliminate this addiction! Because, as for humans, the exclusive character is very difficult to remove.

You will need to spot this jealous character from the beginning to have a chance to succeed.

But if your Maltese and your cat are not jealous by chance, there may be other reasons that cause the wrong deal. These reasons often come from misunderstandings which maintain misunderstandings between our favorite animals.

The most striking example of a very common misunderstanding between the Maltese and the cat is that of the different meaning that exists for the beating of the tail. For your Maltese dog, it means he wants to play or he is happy. While for your cat, it means he is annoyed or even hostile.

If your Maltese has not been informed about the codes of the cat, it will certainly take this queue for a happy sign of humor, which he also wants to play, then pay attention to the claws on his muzzle!

The last resort

If despite all your efforts, after a month of trying to make them live together, you realize that it is impossible for your little darlings to become friends, you will have to ask a professional. he has techniques that allow your animals to get used to each other and learn to live together under your roof.

Be careful if you have managed to create the great love between your Maltese and your cat, do not think it means that there will necessarily be a cordial agreement between your cat and the other dogs he will meet and of course, this is valid for your Maltese who, if he feels an attachment to the companion who shares the house, may not be friendly with other cats!


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