Maltese crying

A crying dog is terribly heart-breaking and can quickly become a nuisance to live on a daily basis. Whether during the day in your absence, because you do not take care of it or in the middle of the night so that you can not spend quiet nights, It cannot continue like that. Take a deep breath, we offer some answers and tips to try to find calm at home and with the neighbors.

The possible causes of the howling and the crying phenomenon

Let’s start with a little reminder about the barking: at the base, the barking of the dog is a nervous discharge. There are 4 types of including barking demand which aims to get your attention. When the dog barks or whines and observes a reaction from you, he understands that this way of challenging you works. The dog’s crying is a close phenomenon that is a way to call the master. Who can resist the calling of his favorite animal? Just as the puppy groaned for his mother to take care of him, the dog uses the same tactic to attract attention.

As you may have noticed, the Maltese the dog doesn’t like loneliness, and a dog must learn to be alone and not interact with his teachers. There are few people who can take their dog to work or anywhere with them, or who can devote their entire day to the occupation of their doggie. The problem can, therefore, come from the dog’s which is not used to spending time alone. Who would have fun putting his dog in a room while we are at home? And yet … this is an apprenticeship by the process of habituation much needed and in the interest of your best friend.

If he suffers from hyper-attachment, it is because he has not been used to managing himself alone, that is to say, to take care of and wait for moments of complicity with his human partner who succeed. in the separation phase. We must deconstruct the behavior to start on a good basis and thus establish a natural detachment to enjoy a balanced life for all.

Of course, if the moan appears for no reason and is accompanied by a change in the behavior of your hairy, do not wait before consulting a veterinarian.


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