The Maltese are energetic, cheerful, and playful dogs, which makes him get dirty often. It is for this reason that many people notice, because of successive grooming and excessive washes, that the coat of their Maltese begins to buckle.

If this is your case and you are wondering how to make the hair of your Maltese silky again, you are in the right place. In this article of Maltese Luv, we will analyze the different causes that can cause this problem, offer hair straightening products, and give you the different aesthetic options. Read this article and discover the best beauty tips from Maltese Luv.

Why does my Maltese have curly hairs?

There are factors that make curl the hair of the Maltese because it has a very delicate coat that requires regular care:

  •  The first factor that can cause peeling to lose its natural smoothness is the use of electric clippers. Know that the hairs of dogs of this breed should never be cut shorter than three centimeters because, in doing so, they lose their natural form. If you have shaved your dog too closely because of a skin problem this may be the main source of the problem.
  •  The second factor that makes curling the hair of the Maltese is the abuse of the bath. Excessive washing of your dog leads to a loss of hypoallergenic properties of the hair and alters the structure of the hair. If your Maltese gets dirty too often and you have to wash it more than once a month, you will have to consider the use of very good quality products, otherwise, your dog’s hair will become curly.

How to smooth the hair of the Maltese

1 – Cut

Cutting the hair of a Maltese is a task you will never have to undertake unless you know what to consider before you start. Thus, if you intend to cut your dog’s hair yourself, go first to a groomer to show you how to do it.

Never cut shorter than three centimeters, because it makes them buckle, and do not use electric mowers either. The cut should always be done with scissors, use a 16 mm pin brush for Maltese puppies, a 20 mm pin brush for adults

2 – The bath

As with any breed of dog, too many baths are a factor that seriously affects the coat and its quality. You must give a maximum of one bath per month to your Maltese because doing it more often could damage his coat.

On the market, you will find unique and specific products that you can use: look for a shampoo and a conditioner for dogs with smooth hair so that the hair keep this property. You will also find specific products that will revive the white fur of the Maltese.

Hydration is one of the keys to getting smooth hair. Buy a powerful conditioner that makes the hair really soft and hydrates. Do not use any brand.

3 – Drying

The drying of Maltese hair must be done with a brush and a hairdryer. This step is important because wet hairs are more likely to buckle.

  •  Can not get your dog still? Use a leash that is not too loose to handle your dog properly while drying.

4 – The hair straightener

This step is very common in grooming salons for dogs and it concerns especially the dogs that will be presented during competitions. The duration of ironing may vary depending on the dog, but the smoothing usually takes between two and fifteen days, depending on the cleanliness of the dog and the care you bring him.

If you also want to present your dog at a beauty contest, you will have to inform yourself about the requirements of the beauty contests for dogs.

5 – The brushing routine

You will have to brush your Maltese regularly. Before brushing, apply a softening product in the form of a spray to moisturize the coat. In addition to eliminating knots, regular brushing will allow your dog to have hair that stays smooth.

6 – Tear Stains

Many Maltese dogs tend to have coffee-red tears below the eyes.

Clean your dog’s tear stains with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with 10 parts clean water in a cup. Apply the solution with a cotton swab underneath your Maltese eyes once a day to remove existing stains.

Add a teaspoon of white cider vinegar to your dog’s drinking water to treat their tear stains. White vinegar changes the pH of your Maltese’s tears, which inhibits bacteria from forming in the fur beneath their eyes. If your Maltese’s do not like the taste at first, give them 1/2 teaspoon and gradually work back up to 1 teaspoon.

Go to the groomer nearest you and discover other products available. This professional will advise you taking into account your particular case to smooth the hair of your Maltese.


  1. It’s good to know that using hydrogen peroxide is safe enough for cleaning the facial area of a Maltese puppy. I’ve always wanted to have a small dog at home because even though a friend of mine live with me, there are days when it’s too quiet when we are both busy. Having a pet will surely brighten up the mood of my home.


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