Calling Maltese Puppy

Once you are sure of your choice, start calling your puppy by name, without using a nickname or diminutive that would only delay his learning.

For example, if you chose Rex, do not call it Rexy or Rexou, on the pretext that it’s still a puppy. Do not forget that learning the name is the first step in good Maltese training. You will not be able to start teaching your dog if he does not understand that he is calling when he hears: Rex or Cotton.

It will take a little patience to your furry friend to learn to recognize his name. Very young, puppies spend their time discovering their new environment and are much more interested in their discoveries than in the name you pronounce. All is an excuse to play and it will take some time before your puppy establishes the link between the name he hears and his little person. You will have to pronounce it often, making sure not to call him for nothing. Above all, do not wake him up in his sleep to make sure he understands his name!

Little by little, you will find that your dog answers the call of his name and if you do not forget to reward him for this remarkable progress, it will not take long to answer each of your calls.


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