can maltese puppy eat eggs

Are raw egg good for your Maltese puppy?

Rich and complete food that’s become quite common in the human diet, the egg has different contributions and effects for the dog. This food even contains some harmful components for your pet.

In order for you to make the right decision about which diet to give your pet, first check out the benefits of the egg in dogs. Also, be aware of the dangers it can represent and study all your alternatives to enjoy the benefits of this food to your little puppy.

What can be the benefits of eating eggs?

The egg is full of nutrients to name just the essential amino acids, vitamins or minerals. By taking it weekly, be sure that your Maltese puppy can look forward to gaining the nutrients needed for proper development and coat improvement.

Indeed, as part of a dietary and specific diet, the contributions of eggs also promote good visual acuity in addition to sustainable care of the skin, hair, and claws of your puppy.

Egg whites, a real danger to the health of your Maltese puppy

You have to be careful because it is not the whole egg that is beneficial for the health of your Maltese puppy. There are many reasons why raw white is to be banned from the diet of your pet.

Raw egg white contains a protein called avidin, that attacks biotin, an essential element in the constitution and maintenance of a dog’s hair and skin. By taking the risk of giving raw white to your faithful friend, you increase his chances of serious skin lesions, a significant fall of the hairs, and neuromuscular disorders.

Some practical tips to associate the egg with your Maltese’s diet

Know above all that the cooked egg poses no threat to your puppy. Once cooked, it can even replace meat and fish from time to time.

On the other hand, giving only raw yellow is not a problem. Moreover, it is the only element that the dog tolerates perfectly raw and it is excellent for its coat. It provides ideal sulfur amino acids for soft, silky hair. Preferably, avoid giving the shell with it, as it can be indigestible to it. you can even mix it directly with his food.

A varied diet is highly recommended for the health of your pet. However, there are several criteria to consider and you need to take a lot of care when choosing the ingredients to use in preparing the homemade food you give it.

It is also and especially valid when you decide to add a raw egg to its diet. However, remember that the number of eggs to give to your Maltese puppy is not equivalent to that of the adult Maltese. It is, therefore, necessary to ask a specialist to avoid making a mistake.


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