grooming maltese puppy

It’s better to get the puppy used, at an early age to grooming. Indeed, it allows him to get used to the fact of being comfortable with handling Thus, this first time is recommended from the age of 4-5 months but includes only a simple brushing and a simple inspection of the ears for example. This is the perfect time for your puppy. It can then be washed and its hair can be cut as early as 6 months of age.

Your Maltese requires regular grooming and shearing scissors to cut every two months and you can judge for yourself of this need according to the cleanliness and the beauty of the coat of your dog.

In order to be sure of having a beautiful rendering, it is best to go for the first complete grooming at the groomer in order to receive many tips. Regarding cutting or mowing, it all depends on the rendering you want to get, in other words, a clean or non-standard rendering of the breed.


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