Your Maltese puppy’s diet is not something that can be improvised and is certainly not to be taken lightly. It’s like his training: according to his age, his weight, it is necessary to select suitable products.

The quality of food is crucial for a dog’s health and proper growth. It is also necessary to respect precise schedules. The best thing is to feed him every day at the same time of the day and after your own meal.

However, it happens that your pet does not want to eat anymore. There are several reasons for this attitude. We will have to identify the cause and find the appropriate solution. This article aims to present you with these different potential reasons and explain how to deal with them.

The reasons that can push a Maltese puppy to eat much less than normal or may not eat at all

When he has just arrived home, your new companion on all fours will go through a period of adaptation. This can result in a diet that he was not used to.

Do not hesitate to ask the old owner what he gave him to eat . In which case you can use the same product.

Your puppy can also stop eating by “testing”. This happens often. In this case, do not give up and normally, seeing that you do not react it should resume normal power.

Nevertheless, if he continues not to eat after 2-3 days, then the problem is surely elsewhere and you will probably have to change your method.

He can also slow down his diet for other reasons: food too hard for his teeth, a food not suited to his age, weight, and race. Similarly, some animals, when a large part of their growth is affected, may slow down their diet for a certain time because of a decrease in appetite. Over time, they will resume a normal diet.

On the other hand, it is also possible that this change of attitude indicates a more serious problem. For example, your puppy may have swallowed an inedible object, have a jaw or stomach pain, or other problem.

If you notice an abnormal attitude, a drop in shape, or if after several days the situation does not get better, then you must go see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Keep object out of reach and out of sight.

Never leave objects within your puppy’s reach. He will put anything and everything in his mouth. Don’t leave some of the accessories in the ground like you used to. You will avoid damaging them and especially that he doesn’t hurt himself.

If you are afraid of your couch, curtains, and other cloths or leather items arrange to protect and cover them or to make them unreachable.

the most dangerous situation is that in which your puppy starts to bite the electric cables. This represents a real danger for him since he is likely to be electrocuted. The solution is to hide the cables behind the furniture and use a cable cover or skirting board to cover a maximum of electrical wires.

It’s best to do this, even if your pet has never chewed on electrical wires and cords so far. An accident happened quickly and it is better to anticipate.

Encourage your Maltese puppy to eat

Okay, but how? The one thing you must absolutely not do is to plunge the nose of your puppy into the bowl.
This can lead to stress and is totally ineffective. However, the good idea is to buy him food adapted and quality.

Then put the food in a bowl respecting the quantities according to its weight and age. Another bowl next to it must contain water so that it can hydrate itself. Always leave the two bowls in the same place so that he understands that this is the place where he must come to feed himself and allow him to develop a habit.

If your puppy does not want to eat his croquettes, one trick is to soften them by pouring a small amount of hot water or a spoonful of oil. Often this solution is enough. If this is not the case, you must first check if it comes from his diet or may indicate a more serious problem.

To find out, give him a piece of chicken, they love this meat. If he eats it, then it’s likely that your puppy will go crazy. The best thing is then to deposit your ration of food as usual and to ignore its whims. If after 2 to 3 days he still does not eat normally, then you must go see a veterinarian.

Another solution is to crumble a piece of chicken that you will mix with its croquettes. You can also do this by pouring the juice of the meat you have cooked in its croquettes. Make sure this juice does not contain sauce. Be careful, however, if you add palatability to your meal, it will become even more demanding.

If he does not eat the piece of chicken you gave him, then the problem is surely not related to the food. Make an appointment with a veterinarian to determine the cause, it can also be caused by stress.

Your Maltese puppy doesn’t eat anymore

If your pet really does not eat at all, the first thing is to check the cause of the problem. As we mentioned above, give him a piece of chicken to see if he eats it. If he does not eat the piece of meat, then you have to take him to see a veterinarian.

On the other hand, if he eats it, then it is necessary either to change the type of food, or to make use of cunning by crumbling chicken in his kibbles or by pouring meat juice. Then, every day, you decrease the amount of chicken and juice, until there are more or much less.

He doesn’t eat much

If he continues to feed himself, but does not eat all his ration, several reasons may intervene: too much food, less nutritional needs due to a growth almost completed, a diet that is no longer suitable at his age or weight, pain that prevents him from eating more or anxiety.

For the first case, it is enough to reduce the quantity by being careful so as not to overwhelm your puppy with too much food, follow the prescribed quantities according to race and age.

In the second case, just wait, your pet will resume a normal diet. Check that his food is well adapted because it evolves according to his age. If he continues not to eat a lot and you notice a lack of fitness or weight loss, then make an appointment with the veterinarian.

He doesn’t eat and sleeps a lot

If you find that your pet is not eating and sleeping more than usual, start by taking the temperature. At normal, the thermometer should show between 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 to 39.2 degrees Celsius)

If the techniques mentioned above to encourage him to eat do not work better, go to the vet.

He does not eat his kibble

If you find that he does not want to touch his kibble, but do not begrudge when you give him a piece of meat. Either the dry kibble is not adapted to his age and it will be necessary to change them, or reject new foods and become temperamental. and in this case, it must be sulk.

Seeing that you do not react, he will be forced to eat and swallow his food. This often happens when he has been used to another form of feeding by his former owner. Besides, you can contact him to find out what he was giving him to eat.

He does not eat and vomits

In this case, the best solution is to go to the vet as soon as possible. A blood test should be enough to reveal the problem.

He does not eat or drink

Again, it is best to take him to the vet if it is repeated at each meal and you took care to thoroughly clean each bowl in hot water before filling.

He does not eat in the morning

Your puppy does not eat in the morning or too little? Several reasons can intervene. He may be losing his milk teeth and may feel more pain in the morning. This should pass.

He can also eat according to his appetite. It is best to check your puppy weight regularly to see if it is growing well. Also, analyze his behavior to see if you notice anything abnormal.

Also, check if his stools are different than normal. If he eats properly in the evening and stays in shape, you usually just have to be patient. If not, take him to the vet.




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